The 2022 Definitive Guides Bundle:

How To Start Your Online Business &
Grow 3 Digital Brands

(To 6-Figures In 6 Weeks)

You know when you're about to start your online business... like most creators... you start by offering your services on freelancer platforms to get exposure?

Platforms that you don't own or have any control over!

I'm sure you also noticed how most people build their audience on social media platforms, but not on their own websites...

Even when you start your online business, like most entrepreneurs, you don't have the right legal structure or client contracts...

This is like building on other people's land!


What This Bundle Means To You If You Start Your Online Business in 2022

Discover the exact strategy my clients use so you can start your online business from scratch & grow 3 digital brands (to 6 figures in 6 weeks).

This 100% Free Definitive Guides Bundle helps you:

  • Start your online business (in record time)
  • Avoid any legal fines & lawsuits
  • Minimise your costs & legitimately optimise your taxes
  • Bulletproof your business & skyrocket your profits online
  • Get fully insured & covered against business risks of all kind.

Why This Bundle Is For You

You avoid putting all your eggs in one employment basket.
You avoid the overheads of a brick & mortar traditional businesses.
You avoid building on other people platforms that you don't own or have any control over (access or pricing).
You avoid working as an individual or freelancer with unlimited liability that exposes all your assets & belongings.
You limit your liability to a specific amount that you determine by working through the SPV (your limited liability company).
As a company you can have all necessary types of insurance that cover you, your business, clients & team.
You only pay taxes on your profits after deducting your expenses rather than from source before you even touch your pay-check (as is the case in traditional employment).
You don't trade your time for money as you would if you're a freelancer or self-employed. You rather charge a retainer or lump-sum in advance.
Your company is the entity that deals with clients under a vendor contract rather than you personally as an individual (so you can outsource or delegate work).

Working through your company gives you a more professional impression, business look & corporate identity in your clients' eyes.

You can extend to international markets rather than only working locally, so you can make money in your pyjamas while you sleep.
You create & grow 3 independent digital brands that you can scale on autopilot and step out of.

- You can sell your digital brands at anytime because they are not attached to you personally or to your name.

- You avoid the mistake many entrepreneurs make of naming their brands after their own personal names (personal brands) which makes their brands difficult to valuate or sell independently from their creators.
You leverage the power of the internet & automation technology so you don't need to grow your team to grow your profits, influence or impact all over the world.
Having separate digital brands for each service allows them to grow with their independent accounts so you can later sell them or separate them into different companies for liability or acquisition purposes.

You Will Learn How To Start Your Online Business Plus:

  • How to form your company & get all required legal documents & contracts.
  • How to set up your website & convert visitors into paying clients.
  • How to become a Business Consultant with a waiting list of imploring clients.
  • How to do Affiliate Marketing like a pro as a content marketer & blogger.
  • How to create your Online Course & get your students to pay you to build it.
  • How to brand, market & sell your offers without feeling icky, sleazy or slimy.
  • How to become a global investor & support the travel adventure lifestyle of your dreams.

You can learn how to start your business in six weeks or less on autopilot through your own 

One Simple Company, 

One Simple Website,

One Simple Theme, 

that you can create or use (without having to be techie or spend a fortune on ads).


Your One (1) Company Band
To Start Your Online Business Brand 

Your Online Business Structure In 2022

Step 2

Your Consultant or
Coach Brand

Sell your profitable consultancy / coaching service on your own website. 

Step 3

Your Affiliate & Content Marketer
Digital Brand

Create, curate & publish irresistible  content to help your audience support their dream lifestyles.

Step 4

Your Flagship Course
Digital Brand 

Build your own online course. Get paid to build it. Sell & scale it globally on autopilot.

Step 5

Become "An Investor"
(To Support The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams!) 

Now, you are a leader in your niche. 

You invest in globally diversified assets that bank you multiple streams of profits.

Your investor positioning gets deals to flow your way for you to chose from its crème de la crème.

Take Your Sneak Peak At The Definitive Guides
To Start Your Online Business  

(For Incredible Results In 2022)

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To Start Your Online Business
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I Help You Grow Your 3  Digital Brands In 2022, Hold Your Hand & Show You Step-By-Step What You Need To Do & How To Do It.
You Also Get Awesome Bonuses To Help You Get Things Done In Record Time! (6 Weeks)

Your Consultant / Coach Bonuses

  • How To escape the “Time For Money Trap” & build equity to earn recurring profits
  • Consultancy & Coaching Contract template
  • $500 discount if you buy Consulting Accelerator
  • Instantly access the first 2 modules (Free Trial)
  • Join exclusive groups of coaches/consultants
  • Be a top consultant / coach in your online niche

Your Digital Marketing Bonuses

  •  Your own beautifully designed Plug & Play template for your Website
  • Master Affiliate Marketing in lucrative niches
  • Discover a new way to six figures as a blogger 
  • A-Z to earning $1,000/Month from publishing
  • Join an exclusive group of top content writers
  • Be the top content writer in your online niche

Your Course Creation Bonuses

  • Ready-to-use Templates & Playbooks to build & sell your course on autopilot
  • Ultimate Guides to build your course on your own website using one simple theme
  • From $0 to sell a $200 course at least once a day
  • Course creator legal bundle with disclaimers, terms, contracts, releases & policies
  • Join an exclusive group of 6-figure e-biz owners
  • Be a top online educator in your niche

Your Top Investor Bonuses

  • A Free 30-minute legal consultation with a corporate lawyer to quick-start your SPV
  • The zero out-of-pocket money business buying blueprint with checklists & templates 
  • How to work backwards to flip houses for profit... without money, credit or experience
  • Insight into closely guarded investment secrets 
  • Join an exclusive group of top tech investors 
  • Get great deals as a pro investor in your niche

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I tend to be called Maître SHAHIN 
or you can just call me Dino :)

I'm a Harvard certified (IT & IP) corporate lawyer, investor & mentor for over two decades now...

I help magic circle clients, celebrities, IT Fortune 500 companies & small business owners to start, secure, scale or sell their businesses online.

As my client, I help you solve all your online business legal, digital marketing & IT/IP challenges to bulletproof your online business & skyrocket your profits (on autopilot) at the speed of light!

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