The Definitive Guide For Online Course Creators in 2022

The Definitive Guide For Online Course Creators In 2022

Why is your online business not growing at the speed you want?

This is the question I’m asked the most by business owners I come across.

It’s not because you’re not good enough... or don’t have experience, finance, clients, team, offices, or expertise.

Selling your time for money coaching or consulting or even selling affiliate products won’t cut it in today's world.

If you’re like most online entrepreneurs in 2022, your real problem is that you didn’t create a flagship program that you can presell & scale at premium pricing.

In 2022, you can learn How To Create & Offer Your Flagship Program that Sells At 6 Figure (In 6 Weeks).

But will you take action & apply what you learn?

Today? Or even right now after reading this blog post?

That’s what’s holding most people back from growing their businesses...

The key is to Take Action Now!


Since you’ve been reading "Your Online Business Band For 3 Digital Brands" Series & reached this far, I’m sure that you can & will take massive action & reach your wildest dream.

In the previous posts, we learned how to offer consultancy & affiliate products to start a conversation with your ideal clients & target audience…

This allowed you to know what their specific problems & desires are hands-on.

Selling affiliate products helped you test the markets & see what products our clients & audience vote for with their wallets. 

We also discovered where they get stuck, and when they have their epiphany moments. You spotted repeated questions, problems, patterns & stereotypes.

Now, it’s time to capitalize on all that.

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Productize Your Service

Whether you took my course or not...

Now, is the time to productize your service...

To package it in an irresistible core offer.

A flagship program that you sell for a premium price.

Because it solves the specific problems your clients & audience have.

And gets the results that your clients want.

You can learn all you need in this post so you can go & implement it yourself.

I’ll show you what you need to do & how to do it.

If you want a faster & easier way where I mentor you, check out my: 

Legal Hedge Online Course To Learn How To Start & Scale Your E-Business To 6-Figures In 6 Weeks Online…


Being a corporate lawyer, investor & mentor for over two decades, I can help you:

  • The latest tactics to start, secure, scale, or sell your online business, 
  • Optimal business strategies & models to save your time, pay fewer taxes & skyrocket your profits,
  • Turn your expertise into a profitable business & lifestyle you love.

Pre-Sell Your Course

The most important piece of advice I can give you is that you pre-sell your program... 

to test your assumptions & make sure people want what you're selling.

And that they actually buy it before you build it.

You don’t want to waste your time building something that nobody or not a large enough group of people want.

It won’t sell or scale.

So why waste your time, energy & money?

Remember, at this stage, you want to scale your business.

You want to offer your own flagship program to scale your business selling it at a premium price to a large audience. 

Get started. The trick is that you don’t get sidetracked!

Even if you feel that you don’t have enough expertise, you need to know that you don’t have to be the expert.

You can be the reporter who brings in the experts for your clients & audience.

Ready to jump in and become an Implementation Machine?

Let’s get started.

Become an Implementation Machine

Secrets for relentless execution!

Ikario implementation machine -
  • Discover why implementation is the key to success.
  • Follow this practical system to go from "putting it off for later" to "relentless implementation".
  • Discover the underrated factor that leads to 100x long term results.

  • Learn How (To Hit 6-Figures In 6 Weeks)
    Selling Your Online Courses (in 2022)

    But before we jump in, let’s run the numbers to see how we can reach 6 figures in 6 weeks in 2022...

    If you sell your program at $1'000 to 25 clients each round, you’ll generate $25’000.

    If you launch it 4 times a year, you will generate $100’000 in 2022.

    It might be challenging, but it is definitely doable. 

    Here’s what you need to do & I’ll go into more detail on how exactly to do it.

    Week One: Ask Questions & Build Anticipation

    This is your preliminary groundwork.

    The purpose of this first week is to test your assumptions to make sure that people really want what you’re offering.

    Step 1:

    The first step is that you’ll start to warm up your clients & target audience by letting them ask you the top questions they have on your topic.

    You’ll probably get the same questions they’ve asked you before.

    You want to continue the conversation they had in their mind.

    And then you answer them.

    Step 2:

    The second step is to start to build anticipation for your offer, by letting them know you’re working on your flagship program where you’ll put in all your pearls of wisdom & experience. It’s meant to solve a particular problem. Then you ask them if there’s something important they think you should include?

    You want them to take part in building the program with you.

    People like what they took part in building & what they feel they are a part of.

    It’s important to call out a specific ideal customer from among your large audience.

    So you can give them the chance to raise their hands, identify with you & feel that they belong to that group. 

    It’s important that this group speaks the language you do, has a spectrum from beginner to advanced levels, self-identifies with the identity you specified & is large enough to scale in the future.

    Once you’ve got a few early adopters, it’s time to move to the next week.

    Week Two: Teach Your Framework

    Here you’ll build your authority & rapport with them.

    You’ll let your audience know you’ve been there & now you’re a few steps ahead & can help them. 

    You’ll educate them on:

    • Who you are, 
    • Why you do what you do & 
    • How you can help them solve their problems & hit their goals. 

    You’ll start to teach them your framework in a 3-4 part series.

    One part per day with homework.  Each part solves a specific problem.

    Once a problem is solved, the door is open for another follow-up to a new problem that arises. 


    Let’s imagine you teach people how to cook healthy vegan meals…

    You can start by setting up the space & getting the kitchen utensils & cutlery.

    Then explain what healthy vegan meals are & choose what to cook.

    Then you discuss the ingredients & where to buy them from fresh & at good prices.

    Then you go on to how to cook them & how to present them beautifully at a dinner table.

    As you can see, solving a problem leads to a new set of problems that you can address. It’s helpful to imagine where your client is & where they want to go. Then guide them through the main steps or stations they need to pass by to reach their destination. It’s also important to show them the knowledge, skills & personal attitude they need to solve their problems & achieve their dreams.

    You can divide each part into 25 minutes of either text to read, audio or video.

    (You can choose the medium that you enjoy the most & are good at)

    • 1st 15 minutes you teach
    • 2nd 5 minutes for questions & answers
    • 3rd 5 minutes you offer your program

    You open the cart for buying the program from the first part.

    Each day you reduce the price & increase the bonuses.

    You can also future frame them on how their lives will look like when they take your program. At this stage, it is important to help them identify their problem & goal, imagine they have solved it or achieved it already & practice affirmation, establish routines & rituals

    Motivate them to do homework with prompts or playbooks. Let them express their thoughts about identifying their clients, or specifying their audience. 

    Ringing a bell or an aha shout-out are practical rituals that they would normally like & wouldn’t want to stop. Encourage & celebrate those who do their homework.

    By the end of week two, the cart is closed & you’ll start to deliver your program.

    Week Three: Prepare Your Marketing Materials 

    Here you should have a few marketing materials done.

    These would include:

    • Your course name
    • A compelling story behind it with a few hooks to grab attention to it
    • Your one-paragraph course description & one-liner
    • A few pictures (with or without quotes) or video ads
    • Advertising copy to specify the problem & result you help people with
    • Your big epiphany idea, a few claims & a guarantee that your program promises.

    You also need to set up your learning management system (LMS) on your own website.

    Your LMS is where your course lives on your website. There are many plugins for that purpose.

    I use the Thrive Themes Suite. There is an LMS Plugin included in it called Thrive Apprentice. I strongly recommend it for delivering your course on your own self-hosted WordPress site.

    You Can Learn How to Sell Online Courses With Thrive Apprentice & WooCommerce.

    Never build your assets (course) on someone else’s land (platform)!

    Thrive Themes Logo - ECorporate Lawyer

    Create Beautifully Designed
    With The
    "THRIVE APPRENTICE" Template Sets
    The only WordPress LMS plugin that gives you total design freedom over every aspect of your online school.

    Thrive Themes Course Design - eCorporate Lawyer

    Your Program Assets:

    These are the assets that the clients who bought your course will find when they buy your program & go into your program:

    • An outline about the program
    • The framework of the program
    • A bit of information about you as the instructor
    • The recording of the lessons you already taught them in the previous week.

    Review & Update Your Course:

    Now, encourage them to tell you more about themselves, their stories, questions & the problems they want to solve & the results they expect.

    This will allow you to double-check your outline, framework & customize your program to their common needs.

    Week Four: Start Your Live Sessions 

    Here you'll continue to teach, coach & advise your clients live & record your sessions & upload them to your LMS.

    Show them the system you have developed, the resources, the tools they need & the tech stack that they will use. Walk them through it all. Show, don’t just tell.

    You’re literally getting paid to build your program with & for your clients as you go.

    Week Five: Q&A

    In this final teaching week, you make sure you’ve solved their problems. You’ve shown them how to reach their goals. And you’ve helped & guided them along the way one step at a time. 

    Make sure to get all their questions answered, that you’ve cleared their limiting beliefs & what’s standing in their way to achieving their dreams. 

    Week Six: Get Testimonials

    In this last week, you get your audience's testimonials, celebrate their wins & show them how they can help you by spreading the word about your course. Make sure to include how they can earn commissions doing so. 

    They can also help you teach your program to the new students & guide them along the way.

    Now you have a recorded program ready. You can review it & improve it based on the feedback you got. So you can launch live a couple more times to make it as excellent as you can.

    Once you have built a solid program that delivers on its promise to your clients, you can sell it at scale as a recorded program or a productized service.

    Then your live sessions are only to take questions or to coach & consult those who need more personal or customized help.

    Why Creating & Selling Your Premium Online Course Is The Way To Go?

    If you want to scale your business business to six figures in 2022, then creating your premium online course is the way to go.

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