Do you always worry about legal stuff?

Wondering what contracts you need to have in place to protect your own self & business?!

If this is exactly why you haven't moved forward on your blog or website, you're not alone.

Most online entrepreneurs share these worries...

I also find that legalese & lawyers' fees are rediculous today!

Wondering how on earth starting entrepreurs can afford to pay thousands of their hard earned dollars to get their legal stuff sorted?

Don't fall into this trap. Legalese is the legal language lawyers use to confuse & get paid to clarify it.

I've got your back & legally protect your business.

You'll get your online business legal contracts & website legal pages done for you by a Harvard certified corporate lawyer in a fast, easy & afforable way, without using any of these expensive legal professionals. 

If you want to make sure you're doing it right with a solid legal foundation for your online business,
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Here's What They Say About My Legal Help:

Shahin this us SO helpful!!! You made my day! Thank you 🙂

S. Fonseca

e-corporate lawyer - M. Shahin


I'm Dino...

Lawyer, Investor, Mentor & Founder of
E-Corporate Lawyer ("ECL").

ECL strarted up in 2000, as a registered law firm at the Egyptian Bar Association in Cairo, Egypt. 

You can read my story here.

As a corporate lawyer for over two decades now, entrepreneurs hire me to start, scale, secure or sell their websites, online businesses & investments.

I also manage the premier virtual community E-Corporate Lawyers & the equestrian sports agency EquiJuri.

You can check my LinkedIn profile here.

Here at ECL, I offer my magic circle business clients legal, digital marketing & equestrian consultancy.

I have a real passion for scaling businesses and putting corporate deals together. I'm always on the look for businesses to invest in or acquire, re-structure, re-position and eventually sell.

Combining my legal profession with my horse passion & cybersecurity Harvard certification has allowed me to serve the online entrepreneurs & equestrians segments, where I can render professional legal, marketing & equestrian consultancy with unique knowledge, skill, and professionalism in the fields of regulatory compliance, re-structuring, mergers, acquisions, online business, corporate governance, cybersecurity & equestrian sports arbitration.

Practicing from Biel/Bienne, Switzerland gives me proximity to major European cities, the Swiss Federal Office of Sports, the FEI, the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, the International Olympic Committee and the International House of Sports.

Biel/Bienne is where the world largest equestrian sponsors Longines and Rolex reside.

Reading, teaching and practicing law with leading authorities including the FEI, Harvard, IFC, Bern FH, IBM, BMW, Nestlé, and Unilever for over two decades have helped me remain at the forefront of corporate, sports and equine law.

Acquiring or partnering with online entrepreneurs to scale e-businesses through acquisitions, strategic relationships and digital marketing is my jamming gig.

I never missed a chance to improve my skills, knowledge & attitude when it comes to negotiation, copywriting, public speaking, marketing strategy, structuring & funding of M&D and, public exit tactics for entrepreneurs or family businesses & enterprises.

I stand for the code of professional conduct of the IBA, the sports spirit of the IOC, horsemanship and cavalry principles of the FEI and SEF, the corporate governance best practices as set forth by the OECD and the sustainable development goals of the UN.

Speaking English, French, Arabic, Italian & Swiss German has helped me serve online business clients in all major jurisdictions with special emphasis on the Mena, Africa, Far East, Scandanavia & EU Regions, USA, Australia & Canada.

When I am not lawyering or showjumping, you can probably find me on a beach or on a horseback in the desert, forest, countryside or hiking on a beautiful Swiss mountain like the Matterhorn you see in Paramount Pictures.

Speaking of movies, Zoro is my favorite hero, so maybe it is not the best idea to try to catch me when I am on holidays.

I love spending quality time with my wife and kids, playing music, chess, scuba diving & sailing.

You can know more about what I do & read my story in more details here.

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You should show up on time, set up in a quiet space, with your note taking & tech tools ready.

What Happens During The Call

During the call we'll dive deep into your current e-business stuff.

We'll get clear on your goal, strategies, tactics & legal plan with step by step tasks to protect your own self & e-business.

What You Get After the Call

You'll walk away with clarity on how to legally protect your e-business.

After the consultation you'll receive an email with a detailed legal plan to implement the strategy we concluded.

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About My MSLS Business

In 2015, I got married & moved to Biel/Bienne Switzerland. It's where I now manage my law firm & equestrian agency under the roof of my family company MSLS SĂ rl ("MSLS"), that I manages with my beloved wife Dr. M. Shehab.


MSLS and/or its founders invests and manages other stocks, assets, businesses, legal & equestrian brands, domains & projects including:  Elite Internatinal Trading, KANMAS, Shehab EngeneeringOrascom Development HoldingMeyer Burger Solar TechnologiesEquiJuriEquiTravelerEquiPropertiesE-Corporate Lawyers, & Avenches Horse Community among others as amended.


My wife & I are lucky to have quality education at renowned universities including Harvard, UCLA, King's College, Bern University of Applied Sciences & Wits.

I was particularly blessed to have the opportunity to take hundered of courses, learn, work or be mentored & inspired by amazing & high net worth celebreties, authors, artists, athletes, lawyers, online entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, mentors & bloggers including Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Roland Frasier, Marie Forleo, Nagib Mahfouz, Adel Imam, Amr Diab, El Sagini, Salah Ghahin, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Ray Dalio, Frank Kern, Perry Marshall, Russel Brunson, Ryan Dice, Jon Morrow, Donald Miller, Russ Hanneberry, Dane Maxwell, Steve Larsen, Julie Stoin, Dr. Ali El Shalakany, Dr. Mona Zulficar, Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin, Dr. Mohamed Sameh Amr, Ali Shams El Din, Dr. Sufi Abou Taleb & Sam Ovens among many others.

Throughout our careers, May & I have successfully worked with hundreds of start ups, small businesses, celeberties, NGOs & many leading corporations including the UN, The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, Daimler, Credit Swiss, City Bank, Commercial International Bank, IBM, The Government of Egypt, The Ministry of Interior Of Saudi Arabia, BMW, Nestlé, Novartis, Sika, Artoc Swiss, Orascom Group, Zschimmer & Schwarz, Drosos Foundation, Swiss Egyptian Business Chamber of Commerce & the Swiss Embassy in Cairo among others.

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I'm Hiring!

I currently need The Following Legal Professionals To Join My Virtual Team:

Corporate Lawyer

+ Certified in Switzerland.
+ Speaks English, German & French.
+ Excellent computer skills.
+ Professional attitude. 


+ 10 years of experience.
+ Professional qualifications.
+ Excellent English.
+ Excellent Computer skills. 
+ Punctuality & professional attitude. 

Legal Trainee

+ Law student.
+ Trilingual.
+ Professional attitude.
+ Excellent computer skills. 


+ Law student.
+ Trilingual.
+ Professional attitude.
+ Excellent research skills.