3 Website Legal Pages

3 Website Legal Pages

(Every Entrepreneur Must Have Now To Instantly Avoid Legal Fines & Enjoy Utmost Legal Protection)

I've received many legal questions about websites & blogs!

Being a Harvard certified cybersecurity expert, with over two decades of experience as a lawyer, I thought you might like a short & sweet legal explanation on the 3 Website Legal Pages every entrepreneur must have now on their websites to instantly avoid GDPR legal fines & enjoy utmost legal protection in 2020.

This is particularly important for online entrepreneurs & business owners who serve clients in English speaking regions (including the EU, Canada, Australia, Uk, Ireland & USA) to comply with the relatively new GDPR & California Consumer Privacy Laws...

I don't want to scare you but it's worth noting that there are severe fines for breaching these laws & regulations by businesses of any size regardless of which location they operate from in the world.

If you have a website or a blog as a writer, artist, consultant, coach, content or course creator, professional, service provider, independent contractor, entrepreneur, local business, SAAS or e-commerce shop owner, pay close attention, this post is for you!

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3 Website Legal Pages
You Must Have (Right Now)!


Privacy Policy

3 Website Legal Pages For Every Entrepreneur

This is the policy or legal document that explains to your website visitors what information you collect from them. Where you save it. And for how long. 

What you will do with it. And who are you sharing it with.

A privacy policy is a statement that discloses the ways you gather, use, disclose & manage visitors' info & contact details.


Terms & Conditions

3 website legal pages standard terms & conditions website

Terms & Conditions for products & services is the legal agreement between you & your visitors or customers & clients.

This states how you'll govern the rules of the game between you & your website visitors.

Here you tell your website visitors about any limits on using your site.

The terms & conditions include the terms for using your single or bundled products, services or consultancy, etc...



3 website legal pages

The Disclaimer is necessary to comply with the Federal Trade Commissions or similar regulators in different countries. 

Things like: "results in testimonials are not typical..."

It's also where you tell your readers, visitors, clients or customers that you are giving information, but not professional advice for example.

This is particularly important for bloggers, coaches or consultants and other professionals in fields like law, tax, health & wealth, etc...

There you have it!

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website legal pages

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