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Do you always worry about website legal stuff?

Wondering what website legal pages you need to have in place to protect e-business?!

Is this exactly why you haven't moved forward on your blog or website?

If any of these questions resonate with you, you've landed at the right place for legal help.

While saving rediculous lawyers fees & energy to learn legalese.

We've done the heavy lifting for you.

So you can set up your website legal pages in the most affordable, fastest & easiest way. 

Here are the different ways E-Corporate Lawyer can help you:

1- Access A Free Website Legal Pages Generator App...

website legal page generator

Access a free legal forms generator for your website that you have to customize yourself for your own website legal pages.

2- Schedule A Free Consultation With A Specialist Corporate Lawyer...

eCorporate Lawyer

M. Shahin - Corporate Lawyer

As a Harvard Certified Cybersecurity Expert & Corporate Lawyer for over two decades, online entrepreneurs & business owners & investors hire me to start, secure, scale or sell their e-businesses.

Schedule a 25-minute free virtual consultation with me now to see if we're a good fit to work together on your custom tailored legal contracts & documents for your online business.

Rest assured that I’ve got your back covered. Knowing that your business is bulletproofed against legal risk, cybersecurity & liability that comes your way often unexpectedly. 

3- Avoid GDPR Fines With This Website Legal Bundle...

website legal pages

The Only Legal Pages You Need To Bulletproof Your Business Instantly!

  • Get 12 GDPR compliant legal pages that put the confusion, guesswork and worries away.
  • Put your mind at ease knowing you're protected against risk so you can focus on your business.
  • Access leading lawyers' community to stay up to date on latest laws & court judgements.
  • All you need at a fraction of the price of hiring an average lawyer.
  • Set it up quick & easy in 25 min (even if you know nothing about legal jargon).
  • Drafted by a specialist corporate lawyer admitted to the American Bar Association.


Trusted By Thousands Of Entrepreneurs

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  • What's Inside the Bundle?

    Includes 3 Best-Selling Legal Templates
    + 9 Bonuses To Fully Cover Your Back!
  • Bonus 1 Visitor Rights Policy to instantly protect your business against  GDPR fines, regardless of where you're based...
  • Bonus 2 GDPR Email Marketing Policy so you instantly comply with email marketing laws.
  • Bonus 3 Cookie Policy to let your audience knows why & how Cookies are used on your site. 
  • Bonus 4 Earnings Disclaimer that you must have if you publish income reports & results. 
  • Bonus 5 Testimonials & Reviews Disclaimer to freely publish your clients' reviews & testimonials.
  • Bonus 6 Sponsored Posts Disclaimer you must have if you publish sponsored content on your website. 
  • Bonus 7 Lawful Use of Your Website Clause to prevent any abuse of your site.
  • Bonus 8 Third Parties Links Disclaimer to limit your liability for third parties & affiliate links you share.
  • Bonus 9 Mandatory Arbitration Clause to limit your risk of legal liability & costly lawsuits...

Get instant access to all these crucial bonuses right now to safeguard your business against legal liability as per the latest federal & state court judgements...

standard terms & conditions website

Terms & Conditions

Lawyer drafted Terms & Conditions ("TC") to limit your risk of exposure towards your readers. TC is also known as Terms of Use or Service.

Terms & Conditions are required for your website's legal compliance.

Includes 3 free bonuses!

create privacy policy website

Privacy Policy 

Lawyer reviewed Privacy Policy ("PP") Template to protect you against regulatory fines. 

It includes GDPR compliance terms. 

PP is legally required in most jurisdictions. 

Includes 3 free bonuses!

website disclaimer examples


Lawyer approved Disclaimer Template to protect you against third parties' liability. 

It includes affiliate disclosures you need to limit your business risk with your affiliate partners. 

Disclaimers are mandatory.

Includes 3 free bonuses!

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Amira is a business lawyer and six-figure blogger from Florida. She blogs about how to protect your online business legally and become your own boss!

Amira Irfan E-Corporate Lawyer

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