October 26

3 Website Legal Forms


3 (FREE) Website Legal Forms
Every Entrepreneur Must Have
For Utmost Legal Protection

Since most entrepreneurs now are in lockdown mode due to the pandemic, and concerned with working from home, remote work, online business & digital marketing...

I've received lots of questions about legal issues with websites & blogs!

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You missed out!

Since I'm a corporate lawyer & Harvard certified cybersecurity pro, with over two decades of experience having an online business, I thought you might like a short & sweet legal recap about the 3 legal forms every entrepreneur must have on their websites for utmost legal protection in 2020.

This is particularly important for online entrepreneurs & business owners who serve clients in the EU & USA, to comply with the relatively new GDPR & California Consumer Privacy Laws...

I don't want to scare you but it's worth noting that there are severe fines for breaching these laws & regulations by businesses of any size regardless of which location they operate in the world.

If you're an entrepreneur serving clients in the EU or USA, pay close attention, this post is for you!

Ready to dive in?

Grab a coffee or a cup of tea & let's get these 3 legal suckers done for you today!

Snag it now for free (for a limited time only)...as I usually charge a few thousand dollars for it.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or need any assistance, let me know in the comments below.

I'll be around the comments section for about a week from the day of publishing, to make sure I got my reader's backs covered. 

Please also share this post with other entrepreneurs you care about.

Now, let's get into it...

The 3 Legal Forms You Must Have 
On Your Website Now!


Privacy Policy

This is the policy that explains to your website visitors what information you collect from them and what you will do with it.

A privacy policy is a statement that discloses the ways you gather, use, disclose & manage visitors' info.


Terms of Use

Terms of use or service is the legal agreement between you & your visitor.

This states how you'll govern the rules of the game between you & your website visitors.

Here you tell your website visitors about any limits on using your site.

The terms of use include the terms for using your products, services or consultancy, etc...



The Disclaimer is necessary to comply with the Federal Trade Commissions or similar regulators in different countries. 

Things like: "results in testimonials are not typical..."

It's also where you tell visitors that you are giving information, but not professional advice.

This is particularly important for bloggers, coaches or consultants and other professionals in fields like law, tax, health & wealth, etc...

There you have it!

One Last Thing...

Oh, I was about to forget to tell you how to get these 3 legal forms for free right now!

Just put your name & email below to let me know where you want to get access to an amazing free tool, that will literally write down all 3 website legal forms for you, in a snap.

I'll also send you some tips, tools & resources to help you get it done.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or need any legal help filling it up. 

I wanted to try to write something short & sweet.

Stay safe, secure & legally protected.

Learn more about website legal pages, documents & online business contracts here.

M. Shahin




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